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wall lamp 25

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When we discussed a collaboration with Herah, we wanted to push the designer-manufacturer duo to the limit so we offered them a challenge: to create a light fixture that would bring together the best of their practices. And since these two boys enjoy nothing more than to roll up their sleeves, we are pleased to present Applique 25.

Applique 25 subtly balances opposing dimensions to create a refined interior object: the rough and the delicate, the immaculate white of concrete and the deep blue of lapis lazuli, the mottled edge and the smooth face, a construction technique and a jewellery signature. From the clash of opposites comes energy. It's a luminous piece of design that will add character to any room, solo, duo or more.

A detail: the light bulb used in Applique 25 is dimmable and allows for a variable light creating a subdued and muffled atmosphere. Technology and poetry.

Applique 25 vue par Herah

Quand nous avons discuté avec Herah d’un objet commun, nous avons souhaité pousser le duo de designers/fabricants dans ses retranchements. Nous leur avons proposé un défi. Celui d’un luminaire qui réunirait le meilleur de leurs pratiques...

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