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Applique 25 vue par Herah

Nov 24, 2022

Wall lamp 25 seen by Herah

When we discussed a common object with Herah, we wanted to push the duo of designers/manufacturers to their limits. W...
Pia Chevalier nous parle des pots à brosse à dents

Nov 24, 2022

Pia Chevalier tells us about the "Physalie" toothbrush pots

One could say “dumb as a toothbrush pot” because the offer in this area is so monotonous, confined to a sleek design,...
Ekhi Busquet nous parle de la patère

Nov 24, 2022

Ekhi Busquet tells us about the coat hook "Under the waves, the peaks"

Beneath the waves, the peaks… An evocative name, almost a journey, for a small… functional sculpture. A hook, with a ...