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Pia Chevalier nous parle des pots à brosse à dents

Pia Chevalier tells us about the "Physalie" toothbrush pots

One could say “dumb as a toothbrush pot” because the offer in this area is so monotonous, confined to a sleek design, like an international hotel room. Perhaps the world of the bathroom wants that. Its hygienism with powerful detergents would inevitably dilute colours, shapes and any hint of originality. That's a shame ! Moreover, if you frankly want to be bored, stroll through the "bathroom accessories" departments of department stores. This is why it seemed essential to us to bring life and fantasy to this universe with an explosive creation. We are pleased to present the fruit of our collaboration with Pia Chevalier, the Physalie pot, named after these little jellyfish with iridescent reflections like soap bubbles!

The Physalie pot maintains a certain relationship with the Octopus and Medusa vases. If only by its round handles. With the difference that they are placed horizontally to allow you to accommodate three toothbrushes independently. Thus, no risk of confusion with that of the neighbor! It is enough to remember in which cove one placed it. The large central container offers a generous space to accommodate several tubes of toothpaste or other creams and also some additional brushes! For an overall composition that will bring pep and originality to your bathroom.

“Focused on everyday objects, my approach is always to give them the status of sculpture capable of arousing emotion and creating an emotional bond. Naturally for Sloft, I liked working on an object whose sole vocation is to be useful. However, it is an object that we see every day, with which we spend time morning, noon and evening. In the rather sanitized universe of bathrooms, I therefore had fun creating the Physalie toothbrush pots with funny and generous shapes. With three donut circles that can accommodate several toothbrushes, I liked that these pots play the collective, that they are unifying and family friendly. »

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