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Sloft Édition 04

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In this fourth bilingual issue :

  • We take you on a trip to Paris and the Paris region to get a whiff, via their residents, of the reinvention of some of its vibrant neighbouring communes in full creative ebullience, such as Saint-Denis and Aubervilliers. Then we're off for a breath of fresh air with the family in Chamonix, before teleporting ourselves (with as few flights as possible for Sloft) to Madrid and all the way to Tokyo! We're bringing you a selection of interiors that reflect the personalities who live in them, each offering a unique response to the constraints and imponderables of urban life and its escapism. Fascinating stuff.

  • We're taking advantage of our selection to look at the place of nature in the city and the relationship we have with it. A relationship "outside the city" for those who can afford a holiday, or "in the city" with interiors that give nature an increasingly important place, with living areas that are sometimes smaller than the planted areas. Is this the start of a reversal in the balance of power? Our special feature interviews a number of specialists to analyse how the role of nature in our cities is changing and how it can be a solution to making them liveable in the long term.

  • Finally, we invite you to visit three designers. Ana Xenia, designer, who reveals an interior that is as accessible, creative and meticulous as the fashion accessories she creates. Eliott Paquet, an artist, reveals his astonishing 3-in-1 space in Aubervilliers, combining a production workshop, an exhibition space and a beautiful flat. And finally, artist Kenny Dunkan welcomes us to his splendid apartment-gallery for an XXL interview, on the scale of his energy and his desires.

    Eclecticism, poetry, art, escapism, beauty and good ideas are definitely not a function of square metres!

"Icy mirrors and warm colors", a muy caliente clash of materials at Enrique's. 67 m² in Madrid, Spain

Enrique Ventosa finally found what he was looking for on the third floor of a beautiful 1920s building. "Prices keep rising in the centre of Madrid so I looked in Palos de la Frontera, a very pleasant area, where you can still find local shops and lots of buildings with great potential."
"I believe that mixing materials, colours and solutions is the perfect recipe for happiness, which I incorporate into my daily life and personality..."

"A place of one’s own desires", how Ana managed to play every angle. 40 m² in Paris’ 19th arrondissement

In a Paris flat, while some people are looking for light, parquet floors and mouldings, others are more interested in an atmosphere, or even a meeting with the vendor. This was the case for Ana Xenia during the first visit to her future 40 square metre home in the 19th arrondissement. It was in December 2021, just after the confinement: "I felt a good vibe in this flat. What's more, the landlady was a woman who was retiring, and I got a really good vibe from her. However, the layout of the flat isn't right for everyone.
"Today, I have the impression that the flat is bigger than it really is. And that's thanks to my architects, or rather my parents!

"A Garden of Eden in the city", Anthony’s garden-apartment. 56 m² in Paris’ 20th arrondissement

Architecture like acupuncture: that's how Anthony Benarroche describes his work in the 20th arrondissement, to the east of Paris. Looking for a flat from the 1970s, "with the qualities inherent in those years of construction, such as large bay windows, a streamlined layout and a simple, uncluttered space", the architect and lecturer at the École d'architecture de la ville & des territoires Paris-Est discovered this atypical property in a building aptly named "Les Toits de Paris", because it is located on the highest point of the city.
The project is sober and uncluttered, highlighting the original materials, the continuity between interior and exterior, and the natural light. A real reminder...

Sloft Édition

Sloft Édition a pour objectif de réunir tous les 6 mois la quintessence de notre proposition éditoriale dans un support d’exception. Nous avons eu envie de faire un bel objet, idéal pour se glisser dans les rayonnages des bibliothèques ou orner le plateau des belles tables basses que nous découvrons dans nos reportages ! Nous avons eu le désir de créer un objet durable pour faire un portrait bi-annuel de l’évolution de la ville et de ses habitants.
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