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Ekhi Busquet nous parle de la patère

Ekhi Busquet tells us about the coat hook "Under the waves, the peaks"

Beneath the waves, the peaks… An evocative name, almost a journey, for a small… functional sculpture. A hook, with a blue curve, evoking as much the azure of the Mediterranean as that of the crests of one of the most famous Provençal mountains in the world (of art). "The bluish ghost of Sainte-Victoire floated on the edge of his thoughts and walked with him on the horizon of all landscapes", wrote the Aix poet Joachim Gasquet about the painter Cézanne in 1921. There is something of this same poetry of the South, in the proposal of the designer Ekhi Busquet. A joyful wink, a perfectly assumed reference on the part of the designer, esthete and attached to her adopted land.

The sea, the mountains, soft shapes and deep blues are a constant in his work. That, and the Made in France of course. She tells us.

Can you tell us more about this collaboration?

It was woven around two things: my Mediterranean universe and a love shared with the Sloft team for clever household objects… and elegant ones of course [smile, editor's note]. I had carte blanche. I started to think about the somewhat constrained spaces. In a compact apartment, the problem of the coat rack is not insignificant. Often the feet nibble precious square centimeters, they are bulky overall. So I wanted to provide a solution that was both practical and decorative, that we could really choose to install in various rooms of the house: the entrance, the living room, etc. And that lasts a long time. A bit like Sainte-Victoire. She was here before us, she will be here after. Finally, a somewhat poetic mode was close to my heart, hence the small soliflore integrated at the top of the object. A vegetal micro-touch, interacting with curves and Majorelle blue. All that remained was to find the right gesture, the right line.

And the right way of production!

Yes ! For me, the handmade, in France, is very important. I do a very Parisian job, but I also develop a number of local collaborations, around social or societal issues, with impact. My house is also full of them: cushions made with a gang of grannies knitters, a wall vase developed with an artistic ironworker from the region... There was therefore no reason for this not to be the case with the peg. And it was not very complicated to impose this choice [smile, again, note]. It is an object that is designed to last. Ditto for the origin of the materials. The coat hook is made of beech plywood from sustainably managed French forests. Being a designer, for me, also means taking this into account in the design of each object!

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