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Applique 25 vue par Herah

Wall lamp 25 seen by Herah

When we discussed a common object with Herah, we wanted to push the duo of designers/manufacturers to their limits. We gave them a challenge. That of a luminaire that would bring together the best of their practices. And since these boys like nothing more than to roll up their sleeves, we are pleased to present Applique 25.

This luminaire bears a name that reflects all its technicality, bringing together for the first time Herah's two exceptional know-how: its mastery of molded concrete combined with its jewelry expertise around metal and stone. But when the artisanal technique is pushed to such a degree of sophistication, there is love. Both for the materials and in the gestures that shape them. The one that Louis and Quentin bring to the objects that they meticulously bring to life in their workshop in Picardy. However, when there is love for an object, poetry is not far away... like that which emanates from this light and fragile sphere placed on a solid concrete monolith in the shape of an inverted drop.

Wall lamp 25 combines in a subtle game of balance opposing dimensions which are resolved into a refined interior object: the raw and the delicate, the immaculate white of the concrete and the deep blue of the lapis lazuli, the fluted edge and the smoothness of the face, a construction technique and a jewelry signature. From the clash of opposites is born energy. That of a luminous design piece that will bring character, solo, duo or more, to the room that will host it.

A detail: the bulb that equips the Wall Lamp 25 allows variable light for a subdued and cozy atmosphere. technique and poetry.

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